How to investigate a paranormal activity

investigating a paranormal activity
So paranormal activity. Is it real or is it a myth? For today’s discussion, we are not going to deal with that question.
Whoever you are, there can occur a particular situation. One where you feel the presence of something paranormal. It is normal that you freak out. What do you do then? How do you confirm if there is actually a paranormal activity? Simply follow these steps to investigate a paranormal activity like a pro. 
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Second, let me introduce you to the story of Carrie Poppy.
Carrie Poppy - Investigating paranormal activity
Carrie Poppy
Carrie is a journalist who used to live alone in a house in LA. One night, she had felt what may one day happen to any of us. She had felt a paranormal activity. 
“I started to feel a pressure in my chest, the sort you feel when you hear bad news. In course of the week things got worse. I started hearing sounds. A mild ‘Whoosh’ like something passing through me.”
                                                                                                         – Carrie, Journalist.
Let’s get back to Carrie’s story later.
So here’s the step by step process to find out if something paranormal is going on.

1. Find out if it isn’t a normal activity:

Remember the times when you were a kid. Bring into your mind all those times you got scared for nothing. Start finding a logical reason behind it. Door opened on its own? Find out if all your windows are closed. Chances are a sudden gush of wind caused the door to open.
Investigating paranormal activity - find logical reasons

2. Give it another chance:

OK something just happened. There is, a better way to find out if it’s a paranormal activity. Give it another chance to happen. A clock fell down from the wall? Hang it back to find out if it’s still falling down. Chances are, you will notice the slight breeze that caused it to fall down.

3. Record the incident:

Now, this should spell trouble. You tried the best of your reasoning and you couldn’t find a logical explanation. It’s time to get the help of gadgets. Set up night vision cameras to record the incident if it should happen again. If you’re lucky you’ll have recorded the incident. Watch it closely and analyze what caused the incident.
Record Paranormal activity
At least you can think about the Youtube revenue.

4. Get others to inspect:

You tried everything. You checked for logical reasons, you analyzed the incident. But no! Something still seems to be wrong. Get the help of others. If it’s a case of an electronic gadget acting weird call somebody who has an expertise in it to inspect. It could be that something plausible is causing it to behave that way.

5. Ask around:

So if you feel the paranormal activity has something to do with the house you live in, ask around. Ask people nearby about specific details. You could ask them for a history of robbery in the area. Or the activities of cats or dogs in the neighborhood. Tell them about the incident that happened at your house. They might have a plausible explanation.

6. Research online:

Research extensively online about the activity that you felt. All you had to do was google saying “I couldn’t wake up from my sleep. Felt like someone was sitting on me!” And the internet would’ve told you that you’re going through Sleep paralysis. So go online describing your experience, try every forum. You will find a suitable explanation.

7. Get professional help:

Yes, there are people who call themselves as professional ghost busters. You won’t believe if I told you,”There is an entire directory for them.” But the professionals I’m talking about here are people like doctors, police etc.
Paranormal activity is a serious issue. It’s serious because it clouds rational thinking. It causes people to lose sleep, lose money, waste efforts and time.
Let’s get back to the story of Carrie:
After getting terrified of her experience, she decided to get pro help. She got on the internet and found out a forum of ghost hunters. They are skeptical inquirers.
It turns out, Carrie was a victim of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning included an increase of pressure at the chest. And here’s the best part, it also causes auditory hallucinations. She checked it up with the gas company and it turned out to be so. It turns out if she had delayed any longer, the gas leak would’ve killed her.
Carrie went on to give a Ted Talk on the same topic. She also runs a podcast where she documents her skeptical investigations.
Investigating paranorma activity
Carrie Poppy
One out of five people in the US has a mental illness that isn’t curable. There are so many mental disorders that make people behave unnaturally. The world we live in can subject us to so many new experiences. It is utter foolishness to suspect a paranormal activity in them. It would be wiser if people provided proper help.
She urges people to take a skeptical but caring investigation into such incidents. She presents a scientific approach to the paranormal in her Ted Talk.
So there you go. Now you can actually call yourself a professional Ghostbuster. You now know how to detect a normal activity within a paranormal activity.
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