How to nail the bottle flip challenge with almost any object.

“ohoOHHOoh!” Hey, guys! I just flipped myself there.

In this article, we’re going to take a scientific look at a trend that never seems to stop. The bottle flip challenge! Remember this guy, who started trending for nailing the bottle flip in a school talent show? Here’s what he did:


Now, this happened like a year ago, and people started posting their flip success videos. But, here’s the deal- the craze is still on!

So, we’re going to learn not only how to flip a bottle, but almost anything! Who’s ready for an iPhone flip challenge?

Guess she might lend hers!

First of all, if you aren’t able to do the bottle flip even by chance, you need some lessons in physics! Don’t worry! According to statistics, you have 78% of the others including me for a company.

Anyone nailing the bottle flip by luck like himi has actually ticked off all the boxes of scientific laws. So it’s not luck but science that can get you to do the flip every single time.

The science behind the flip – what’s actually happening?

Here’s all you need to know:
1. What is a center of gravity?
2. Why is it important for stability? and
3. Why is it required for a bottle flip challenge!?

Now the centre of gravity is the point through which the weight of a body acts. I took it from Wikipedia. For a cube, the CG point is at the meeting point of its diagonal axes. For a cone, it’s at the center of its base circle. For a bottle though, it’s complicated because of its irregular shape.

It’s complicated!

But since we’re only going to focus on the stability of the bottle after it lands, it doesn’t matter. For any body to be stable,
1. The center of gravity (or where the weight of the body acts) has to be as low as possible, and
2. The base has to be as broad as possible.

Thus, if you meet these two points, anything from a bottle to a banana will stand still.


When you flip an empty bottle, it will hit the ground and bounce off. You need something to counter this bounce. When the bottle lands, it will rock from side to side along with the counter weight you added. This rocking motion should be such that an imaginary axis through the CG point doesn’t stray.


Based on these scientific analyses of the bottle flip, here are three things you need to do to flip any damn thing!

1. Select the right bottle for your challenge:

You’ll need something with a broad base according to the laws. So a huge water can like the one used by these guys are easier options. A coke bottle with a rounded bottom is a more difficult option.


A pencil becomes an extremely difficult option. A pin, an impossible task. A thin pin that has lost weight, … Ok, I’ll stop myself. You get the idea right?

2. Use the right amount of water:

Now the water acts as the counterweight balancing the bottle’s bounce. An excess amount of water will aid the bounce and lead to a topple. A lesser amount of water will not stop the bounce. Look at some of the people with how to videos on youtube. They recommend having the bottle 60% full. But notice how their flip is short? Do you see a pattern there?

Yep. The higher your flip, the more is going to be your bounce. And thus more precise should the counterweight be. I recommend having it filled a little more than 1/3rds. Based on the height of your flip, you can adjust the water level. In general having a lower level ensures your CG point is as low as possible.

In the case of any other object, hopefully, it has a counterweight to support the bounce. Or try to add counter weight by getting creative. You could use clay around a pin to make it balance!

Do they give an oscar for this?

3. Capture the trajectory:

For everything to happen right, the bottle has to land at its base in the first place. To do that, you will have to come up with the right flip movement. Use your judgment and keep trying various heights. You could make the bottle land on your friend’s head, or flip it onto a moving cop vehicle! Flipping the bottle below your belly ain’t cool anymore bruh!

How about this? Am I being too naughty?

The idea is to keep a track of the flip that worked. You have to do the exact same flip every single time to become a celebrity!

Working on a similar note, you can do the flip with any object!

Finally, there’s this last thing a master flipper needs to learn. And that is:


Don’t worry, I’ll come up with an article for that too!

There you go, send us your successful videos on facebook. Give us a like and get in touch with us. Let us know if you have anything to add to this article in the comments section. Adieu!

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