How to make Holi color powder at home

Holi color powder

Why would you want to make HoliĀ color powder at home? After it isn’t expensive on the market. But consider this – You never know what went into preparing such cheap color powders. The Holi powders sold outside contain harmful chemicals. Lead oxide (black), copper sulphate (green) and mercury sulphate (red) to name a few.

There are many drawbacks and harmful effects associated with such cheap color powders. According to this article by the Indian Express, they can cause anything from itching to eczema!

Thus, let us look at a safe way to celebrate Holi with homemade color powders. Now, there are a lot of articles such as this one. They talk about making organic Holi color powder. But some the ingredients may not be easily available. For this reason, let us look at an easier but safe method.

What you’ll need

  1. Flour – a cup of it.
  2. Water – half a cup.
  3. Food coloring.
  4. Rolling pin.
  5. Blender.
  6. Flour sifter.

How to prepare the Holi color powder:

  1. Make a paste out of the flour by pouring water.
  2. Add required food color and mix the dough well.
  3. Flatten the dough into discs and let it dry overnight.
  4. Grind the disc in a blender to break them into powder.
  5. Use the sifter to remove unnecessary lumps.

Your homemade Holi color powder is ready and safe to use.

Note: Food dyes are relatively safe. Especially since they are in a diluted form, as part of the dough. But if you’re still concerned, you can try making your own dyes. Look at this beautiful article by Nourishingjoy. They have enlisted natural substitutes for food dyes.

Natural food colors for making Holi color powder.
Natural food colors

Have fun this Holi and play it safe. Share the article with friends who might be in need. Let us know in the comments section if you have other Holi powder recipes.

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