How to live a Mr.Bean life

How to live a Mr.Bean life
 Why would one want to live life like Mr.Bean? We’ve seen Mr.Bean get frustrated or irritated. We’ve seen him seen him get bored or hungry. We’ve seen him getting into trouble a lot. But we’ve never seen him depressed, have we? Have we ever seen him get unhappy to such a degree? No! So why wouldn’t we want to have a life like his?
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So here’s how we live life like good ol’ Beanie boy:

1. Don’t depend on others for your happiness:

Can living alone make you feel happy? It can if you’re not someone who depends on others for your happiness. Of course, Mr.Bean has a girlfriend. But he still likes living by himself. He creates his own friends – Teddy, who’s actually a projection of himself.
Mr.Bean with Teddy
Hello, Teddy!
It’s not like he isn’t a social person. We all remember the New Year’s eve party right? But he still loves his own space.
Mr.Bean New Year's party
It was a happy new year’s!
So the first and most prime point in living a Mr.Bean life is – Be happy by yourself.

2. Always foster the child inside you:

Mr.Bean is in many ways still a 9-year-old child inside. Can you imagine his life if not for his childishness? Keeping in touch with the child that you are, grants you true happiness.
Mr. Bean is essentially a child trapped in the body of a man. All cultures identify with children in a similar way, so he has this bizarre global outreach.
– Rowan Atkinson
I mean who wouldn’t want to let go of the ‘grown up’ masks and have fun at the science fair like him?

Mr.Bean - Hit the headmaster
Would you be child enough to hit the headmaster?

3. Be selfish to a greater degree:

Say selfishness is bad? But we’ve seen Mr.Bean propagate selfishness. We’ve seen him be selfish even with Teddy – a projection of himself! But we’ve seen him gain happiness with his selfish acts right? So is being selfish bad?

Mr.Bean selfish 
Lindsey Lewis at Mind Body Green has 7 reasons why being selfish is actually good for the world! Taking an example from Mr.Bean we may have to rekindle some amount of selfishness.

4. You don’t need money to be happy:

Can a 69′ Mini with a padlock feed your happiness? Of course, the fact that all you need is a padlock to secure your car can! Our man is all about that philosophy.
Mr.Bean's car
Why waste money on a fancy resort, flight tickets, visa, clothes etc to do this:
When you can do this at home and still have fun! We all forget that life is about being happy. And we foolishly tie happiness to being expensive.
Mr.Bean surfing

5. Learn to solve problems yourself:

We’ve seen Mr.Bean solve his everyday life problems. He never reaches out to someone else for help. Even if he doesn’t have the expertise for it, he comes up with a DIY plan! So instead of annoying others to help you, it’s better to find solutions yourself. After all, nobody cares for you more than you do.
Mr.Bean sofa on his car
Well done Mr.Bean!

6. Never miss life’s small pleasures:

Don’t ignore the little things in life. We’ve seen Mr.Bean search his attic for his old toys. A hot bath, a tub of popcorn, a good night’s sleep. We’ve seen him take pleasure from life’s little things.

Mr.Bean RC plane
And that’s a great feeling! If you’re skeptical, read this: 50 of life’s little pleasures and you’ll agree.

7. Never give in to competition:

If there is one thing Mr.Bean cannot stand, that is losing to competition. Even if it’s an 8 mile marathon, he’ll win it if there’s competition. We’ve seen him grow watermelon, we’ve seen him compete for the parking spot. We’ve always seen him rise up to challenges. It’s great to have a competitive streak in your blood.

Mr.Bean watermelon competition

8. Get smart:

There is always a better way to get out of situations. We’ve seen Mr.Bean get out of so much trouble. We rarely take the trouble to get out of a situation smartly do we?

Mr.Bean Finger Gun

9. Be a natural anarchist:

Well, if there’s nothing great about it, you’ve got to be an anarchist to live like Mr.Bean. It’s his gift for causing random calamities, that makes him who he is. That’s what makes his life what it is – humorous and enjoyable.

Mr.Bean haircut

10. Get your mean side out:

To hell with moral science! One man’s loss is another man’s gain. Sometimes, as we’ve seen in Mr.Bean, your mean side is the fun side.

Mr.Bean hospital ticket
So there you are! Ten traits of Mr.Bean listed out so you can live the life of Mr.Bean. It’s a great thought. It’s a celebration of the efforts that went into sketching one of the world’s most iconic characters.
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