How to go trekking at Nagalapuram.

If you’re from Chennai, there cannot be a better trekking option than Nagalapuram. The hills in this border town are a part of the Eastern Ghats of India. They’re the best nature trail to pursue within 2 hours of drive from Chennai.

road to Nagalapuram
People have started showing great interest in making the trek because of this reason. The place is as wild as it can get. It is home to very poisonous snakes as sighted by regular campers. It also poses other perils such as wild bees, wild boars, insects and such things.

There is no man-made pathway or sign board to assist you. There isn’t any human settlement to help in case of emergency. Thus it is as dangerous and risky to trek as it can be.

water stream at Nagalapuram
There can be many questions on your mind at this point. This article will try to help you before you make the trip.

We will address every possible doubt at the different sections of the article.

What you need to pack:

There’s a load of items you need to pack to help you with the trek.
1. Extra clothes.
2. Enough food, snacks or ingredients for cooking.
3. A knife – for safety.
4. Old rag and a lighter- to keep off bees in case of an attack.
5. Sunscreen, coolers, caps. The sun can be unforgiving at most times.
6. Vaseline – For use between the thighs to prevent rashes due to friction.
7. Loads of water and energy drinks. The water from the clear pools is also pure and edible.
8. A torch – In case it gets dark before your return.
9. Shoes – Shoes are mandatory. Do not wear slippers or sandals on your trek. Keep an extra pair in case you wet your shoes.

10. Never leave without a backpack to store all these items. Handbags and carry bags will not help you in the trek.

How safe is Nagalapuram for women?

There is seldom any official to regulate law and order in the area. You are on your own in the wild. You will find that majority of them coming for the trek have come to drink. There have been reports of abuse and eve teasing before. There is no one you can call for help. For this reason, it isn’t advisable for women to travel alone.

When to go to Nagalapuram?

There isn’t exactly a season as such for the trek. The Rainy season must be completely avoided. Rainwater makes the rocks slippery and trekking is almost impossible. Camping at rainy season is extremely dangerous because of sudden flash floods. The best time to go trekking will be on a sunny day. Reach there at sunrise and leave at sunset.

How to get to Nagalapuram waterfalls?

To reach this trekking destination, you will have to reach the Arai village. From Chennai, it is a simple 3 step routine to reach this village.
  1. Take the Chennai – Tirupati road and reach Pichatur. Pichatur is another 11 Km drive after you reach Nagalapuram town.
  2. Take right at Pichatur to catch the Pichatur – Srikalahasti road.
  3. Travel 18 kms further to reach the Arai village. This is where you’ll take a right to reach the Nagala dam. This also serves as the base camp.

An important hack you should know is to simply search for this destination using Gmaps. “Arai Village, Arai, Andhra Pradesh 517581.

way to Nagalapuram
Reach the Nagala Dam from Arai.

How safe is it for cars and bikes at Nagalapuram?

There is parking spaceĀ just before the dam. For a charge, the parking spot offers safety for the vehicles. It is almost a 4 Km hike from the parking spot to the starting point of the trek. It does involve a good effort returning back to the parking spot in the hot sun.

Car parking at Nagalapuram
For this reason, people do take their bikes into the start of the trail itself. It has thus become a bike parking of sorts. It is very safe to park your vehicles in either place. Some houses in Arai village also offer parking for a fee. You may want to approach them in case you’re going to camp the night.

What will you find in Nagalapuram:

The trek at Nagalapuram takes you up the course of a waterfall flowing down hill. The water stream forms many pools at certain intervals which offer a good retreat. Of the many pools, it is the third pool known as ‘The Magic Pool’ which is the most endeared one. It is possibly the biggest such water pools in the course of the trek. It is advisable that you plan to trek only till the third pool if you wish to return within the day.

Magic Pool at Nagalapuram
The third pool.

The trek is of moderate difficulty. You will encounter three to four tough spots before reaching the third pool. According to regular trekkers going further up after the third pool requires expertise.

Second pool - Nagalapuram
Crowd having fun at the Second Pool.

Finding your way up is relatively easy. All you have to do is follow the course of the stream while looking for a suitable pathway.

The climate is moderate. You will not experience the chillness associated with heights.

The pools themselves are pristine and soothing. Bathing at the third pool is a lovely experience. Only professional swimmers may take a dip. The water at this region is very deep and the rocks are slippery.

How long is the trek at Nagalapuram:

It takes exactly 2 hours to reach the third pool from the base. At swift pace and with short breaks, this timing can be easily clocked. It takes the same amount of time to return.

Nagalapuram trek is almost like nature’s own offering for first timers. It is wild and untouched, at the same time safe and serene.

trekking at Nagalapuram

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(Note: Thanks to Franklin and Nishant, the good souls who helped in making the trip. They are regular campers at the place. You can contact them for a help and support before the trip)

Franklin: +91 9677185957
Nishant: +91 9942991117
Saravanan (Parking guy at Nagalapuram) : 09603690134
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