How to get settled in Canada

How to get settled in Canada for Indians
Why would one want to get settled in Canada? As per data, Canada is one of the most preferred choices of immigration. According to Immigration watch Canada, 28 people immigrate to the country per hour! The country’s annual immigration target for the year 2016 was a record 3 Lakh people. This was up by 7.4% since 2015.

Look at this table by CIC news.


Canada's immigration target for 2016
Canada’s immigration target for 2016



This year, though, the target intake remains the same.


Canada's immigration target for 2017
Canada’s immigration target for 2017
But it is still a great number.
So why do people flock to Canada en masse?

Why get settled in Canada? Top 10 reasons:

  1. Dual citizenship: How convenient is that! Though as an Indian, you will not be able to hold dual citizenship. The constitution of India does not permit that. You can still get an Overseas Citizenship of India which will grant you a lifelong visa to visit India.


  2. Ease of immigration with family: That’s right! Canada offers avenues for a person to migrate with his family. Though, each person would have to go through the immigration process on their own.


  3. Quick eligibility of citizenship: Canada offers citizenship within 3 years of residency.


  4. Opportunities: The country offers endless opportunities in the IT, finance and more.


  5. Fewer restrictions: for an immigrant to start his/her own business.


  6. Free education: Elementary and secondary school education is free in Canada.


  7. Bigger markets: Canada presents access to bigger markets such as the US and Mexico.


  8. Welfare benefits: As a Canadian citizen one would be eligible for all welfare benefits. Old age income, free education, free medicals etc to name a few.


  9. Better standard of living: The more obvious point. Canada offers a chance at a better standard of living for Indians.


  10. The best country to live in: Canada is currently the second best country to live in based on a Global survey.
Get settled in Canada
Canada – the second-best place to live in.

So how to immigrate to Canada 

How to get settled in Canada:

Canada is an immigrant friendly country. The current policies under Justin Trudeau have reaffirmed the fact time and again. The country has point based immigration programs to allow people to migrate. Here’s a complete overview of how you can get settled in Canada. We will see about different immigration programs and selection processes later. Try to find out where you fit:

a) If you have a job offer or possess skills to get employed –

The Federal Skilled Workers program under the Express entry system will be the best option for you. There are a number of professions under the Occupations list. Find all occupations here.

If you have a year or more experience in the required field, you can get enrolled. A job offer is mandatory. Otherwise, you will have to apply for a job with the Jobs Bank of Canada which will fetch you a job offer. You can also apply for the Provincial Nomination Program if you don’t have a job offer. We will see about that soon.

b) If you have experience as a trade worker –

Federal Skilled Trades Program under the Express Entry System admits skilled trade workers. This is a program that offers citizenship for people who have experience in jobs that are in demand in the labor market. People with expertise in labor oriented jobs such as cooking, machining, plumbing etc can make use of it.

c) If you have lived in Canada for some time:

Say you have stayed in Canada for some time under student visa etc. You also have working experience in jobs under the National Occupation Code. Then the Canadian Experience Class program under the Express entry system is your go-to option.

d) If you are a business investor or a person without job offer –

Each province in Canada can nominate people for permanent residence (PR) based on its market requirements. You can apply for this nomination and easily get your Canadian PR. It is also for investors who might interest a particular province. People without a job offer, but with experience in a required field can gain PR by getting a nomination from a province. And finally,

e) If you wish to get settled in Quebec –

Quebec has its own immigration policy. So in a case where you have to get settled in Quebec, you’ll have to apply for Quebec skilled workers program.
Now, let’s take a look at the criteria, application and selection process under each one.

Federal Express Entry system:

It’s simple. Canada invites applicants for moving in and selects candidates required for its market and economy. It has points allotted to various factors such as
  • Age
  • Education
  • Language
  • Experience etc.
Candidates with higher points earn a better chance at getting settled in Canada. Based on the type of skill set you have, there are 3 programs to award points under the Express Entry System.
  1. Federal Skilled Workers (skill type 0 or Level A or B of NOC)
  2. Federal Skilled Trades (skill Level B, but only particular jobs)
  3. Canadian Experience Class. (Skill type 0, Level A or B)

 Look at the classification of jobs and their NOC code below. Depending upon your job qualification, you are eligible for either of the three programs.


Get settled in Canada - NOC classification
Canada immigration – NOC classification
Overall, the eligibility, application and selection process for Express Entry comes down to this:

Eligibility criteria:

  1. Language test: Candidates willing to get settled in Canada need to prove their language skill in English or French. IELTS and CELPIP are two approved language tests one can take. Find out more on this here.
  2. Educational credential Assessment (ECA). This is to prove that a person’s foreign education is on par with that of its Canadian counterpart. There is a list of designated organizations where a candidate can get the ECA.
  3. Expression of interest (EOI): A candidate will have to apply online for Express entry and submit an EOI. Here’s how you write an EOI.
  4. Minimum points: The candidate must have at least scored 67 points based on listed profile factors.
  5. Job offer: A valid job offer supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment.
  6. Health and character certificate: On getting selected, he/she will have to provide health and character certificate.

Application process:

You will have to apply online for Express entry. The application requires you to furnish profile info such as age, education etc.
You will need to have a job offer supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment. Failing this, you will have to have to register with Canada’s job bank. Here’s how you do that. Or, a nomination by a Canadian province or territory will help you.

Selection process:

The selection process pools up candidates with qualifying scores. Here there exists a ranking process within candidates called the Comprehensive Ranking System. Based on higher ranks and scores, Canada invites applicants for permanent residence. The selected members will have to apply within 90 days. Find out your comprehensive rank using this tool.


Get settled in Canada - CRS system
How CRS works.
Canada’s immigration website says you can expect to get selected within 6 months. Provided, of course, you are a part of the pool of higher rankers. You will be part of the pool for a year. So you can expect selection till then if you aren’t selected within 6 months.
Get settled in Canada - Express Entry flowchart
Express Entry flowchart

Provincial Nominees Program:

The PNPs offer more relaxation for entry process. It is more suitable for people who do not have a job offer in hand. People who have chosen particular province may also opt for this process.


Each province has its own set of programs. They may be suitable for people with job offers, skilled workers, or business investors.
Thus there are two types of Provincial Nomination programs:
  • Skilled worker PNP and the
  • Business PNP.

Here’s a list of provinces and the types of PNPs they offer:

get settled in Canada - Provincial Nomination Program

After getting a Nomination (approval) from a particular province, CIC will grant a PR. Here is a complete overview of provincial nomination programs offered by various provinces.

Quebec Skilled Workers Program:

Quebec is a culturally independent region of Canada. It is the largest province in the country. The mighty Hudson bay separates it from the rest of the country partly. An important distinctness it holds is that majority of Quebeckers speak French.


Quebec has its own immigration policy based on an agreement. The first step here is to get a CSQ ( Certification Selection du Quebec) by applying to the Govt. of Quebec. And then you will have to apply for PR with the Canadian Immigration.


  1. Education: Qualification in a degree listed in the Area Of Training list. The year gap between procurement of degree and application for PR shouldn’t be more than 5. Or, a year or more experience in that stream should make up for the gap.
  2. Age: 17 and above.
  3. Language: English skills of CLB level 5 or higher. A level 7 or higher for French.
  4. Employment: Offer of employment from an employer in Quebec.
  5. Other factors: Such as spouse characteristics and financial sufficiency are as listed here.


The Quebec Government allots points to each candidate based on his profile.
get settled in canada - Quebec skilled workers program
Quebec skilled workers program – points
As a single applicant, you must have a score of 49+. For married couples, it is 57 points. Your approval to enter Canada to live in Quebec is then granted.

Then, you will have to apply for a Canadian PR. CIC will grant you the PR after considering your application based on these criteria. For Indians, the time for review of application might go up to 12 months.

It is only a matter of planning to make yourself eligible for getting settled in Canada. It helps to have certain things planned out early on if you’re looking forward to it:

  • A course of study in Canada that is concurrent with the Occupations list.
  • A job profile that will earn you a career in a Canadian company.
  • Research on business and investment options in Canada.
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