How to become a politician in India

You think you have what it takes to be the change? It’s great to be writing to someone like you!People talk about youngsters in politics, but it rarely seems to be happening.

One of the main reasons being the lack of knowledge on how to become a lawmaker in India. This article aims to spread awareness on that point.

The constitution of India comprises of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial wings.
The Legislative enacts, the Executive implements and the Judicial interprets laws of governance.

You either become a lawmaker, law enforcer or a lawyer to be an active participant of politics in India.

How to become an Indian politician
The ‘Becoming an Indian politician’ starter kit.
There are two parts to learning how to become a politician in India. There is the

  1. Theory part and
  2. Practical part

Theory Part:
The judiciary wing is independent of the other two. In a broad sense, a politician in India means a person who is a member of the Legislative.

How to join the Legislative:

The Legislative comprises of the following:
  • The Rajya Sabha
  • The Lok Sabha and
  • The State Legislative Assembly
People elect members to the Lok Sabha and the State Assemblies. The Lok Sabha comprises of the Prime Minister, Cabinet ministers and Opposition leaders. It caters to national level governance.
The state Assemblies cater to state-level governance. It comprises of the state’s Chief Minister, Opposition leaders and other ministers.
Together they elect the members of the Rajya Sabha, which is a council of senior ministers.
To become an active participant of the Legislative, you have to become one of these:
In India, everyone has the right to contest elections. Aspirants need to meet certain requirements like age, etc. More on this here.

Here’s how the Legislative elects its members:

How government is elected in India
Source: Al Jazeera
Thus, it all boils down to one thing and that is people’s vote. If the people see you fit, you can definitely become an MP or MLA. A politician, so to say.

How to join the Executive:

The Executive comes under the charge of the President. He presides over the various executive departments of the Government. There is a whole list of such departments that work to install laws passed.
Civil Servants such as IAS officers undertake the various responsibilities of these agencies. They act under the guidance of the cabinet ministers responsible for their departments.
To become a part of the Executive one would have to clear the civil services exam and prove his/her worth.

Municipal administrator:

There is also the district/ward level administrative bodies in each state. They’re known as municipalities, corporations etc. They work under the guidance of the state’s ministers for various departments. 
Administrative structure in India
People elect the representatives for each ward. The elected members become the Councillor for that ward. They’re in turn headed by the Mayor and the Municipal Commissioner. 
The Practical Part:
Now that you know details about becoming a politician, it is time to find out how to achieve that goal. Here are some of the various methods you can use to gain your entry:

1. Get Affiliated to a party:

What is that? Your grandpa’s brother’s cousin is a party worker? You’re in luck. Use his influence to gain entry to the party. Engage yourself in party work and activities. Earn your reputation and rise through the ranks of the party with your charisma.

Arvind Kejriwal
You may then get the opportunity to stand for elections and become a Councilor, MLA or MP. If your party has the people’s popularity you can ride that wave to get elected.

2. Start your own party:

If you have enough following on your own, you can start your own party. You can contest in your constituencies and gain victory. If you have the majority in the elections, you will form the government.
Party symbol
My party symbol.

3. Contest as an individual:

You feel you’re more like just the local hero? No problems. You can contest in your constituency alone all by yourself.

One man army
Single man army, are you?
Whatever you do, your popularity among people is the ultimate fuel for your success. Do whatever you can to achieve that. Like we’ve seen in the past, you can be
  • An actor
  • A businessman
  • A judicial officer
  • An administrator
  • A sportsperson
  • An artist or most importantly
  • A champion of a popular cause such as ‘anti-corruption’
to achieve people’s respect.
Whatever you do, do it with good intentions, and the world will soon talk about you.

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un approves.

I’m still savoring the thought of having influenced a future politico. Like and share the post if it did influence you. Let us know in the comments about your plans. And don’t forget to send us invitations if you’re starting a party. Namaste!
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