How to ask a girl out – 99 proven tips.

Asking a girl out mustn’t demand a blog with tips. It’s the simplest of things to do as a human being – courting the opposite gender.

The art of courtship has changed with time, but we haven’t kept ourselves updated. We are still stuck with old ideas thanks to our Indian cinema. I can’t agree more with these 10 reasons why Bollywood ruined my love life given by  MTV. So today, we’re going to get ourselves updated. We’re going to liberate ourselves from the ‘single’ tag and work for a better social life.


Bollywood's version of asking a woman out
There are many reasons why asking a girl out is difficult for the modern Indian guy. We’re going to be dealing with every thing.
We’re going to find out:
  1. How to prepare yourself before you ask a woman out
  2. How to ask a woman out, like a man, keeping up with the mannerisms expected of a man today.
  3. How to deal with negative reactions from a woman:
  • What to do if the girl says no
  • What to do if the girl is playing hard to get
  • How to ask a shy woman out
  • How to ask a bored woman out
  • How to ask a girl you just met out
  • How to ask a girl from your social circle out
  • What to do if she says she’s taken
  1. How to create more chances of a yes from the woman you asked out.
We’re going to deal with
  • Approach anxiety,
  • Establishing dominance
  • Conversation building
  • Etiquette and
  • Seduction
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Stage 1: Before going to ask her out:

1.Know yourself:

Knowing yourself is very vital. But don’t you already know yourself? Well, know yourself with the intention of using it to ask a girl out. Going to ask a girl out is like putting up a commercial for yourself. Like every good salesman, you should be able to explain your features and make up for your defects.


2. Know your ideal woman:

Can you imagine your ideal woman right now? But will you settle for anyone less? The most important rule: Don’t have an ‘I’ll take what I get’ attitude. Know what you want in a woman. This way when you start talking to a girl, you’ll show her that you have expectations. That forces her to prove herself to you.
Ask a woman out if she's your ideal girl
How did she get here? No! Mia!Go!

3. Be a man of high value:

Doesn’t mean you should have better jobs than her. Be someone who has a clear sense of the way he leads life. Rethink your ideals for a minute before you step out to the show. When you are able to show a woman you lead a life of choice, she’s gonna admire you for it. Most of my pickup friends had a sense of what sort of life they want. And they told the women about it all the time. “I live the party life, join me.” Should nail it.

4. Don’t tie yourself down:

Here’s something 60% of the guys do. They tell themselves that they’re not rich, so they don’t stand a chance with a girl. Guys associate money, skin tone, looks with dating success. And they think they get rejected because of one of these things. No! looks don’t matter. Every other dating expert had to confirm this. The reason they give is that not all attractive men get girls. Not all the guys who get girls easily are attractive. If you still think money is important, here’s what women at Ask Women tell us.
To ask a woman out, you don't need money
Thanks Dan.

5. Rejection is a state of mind:

Rejection is from within yourself. You perceive a woman’s ‘no’ as rejection. There is no such thing as rejection if you stop thinking about it that way. Do not empower women with statements like ‘she rejected me.’ That never happened. Chances are she has reasons to decline your invitation. Or she was putting you through a test.

6. Don’t aim for the puppy reaction:

The ‘puppy reaction seeker’ is when you go in trying to be nice. You do not want to get rejected. So you do everything you can to avoid that such as talking timidly, saying good things about her and leaving. This is where most of the guys go wrong. So do not be the puppy people don’t want to hurt. Women like puppies, but they don’t go out with one.
Ask a girl out, don't aim for the puppy reaction
No Snoop, that is not the puppy reaction.

7. Be bold but charming:

Be bold instead. Do not aim for being the nice guy and getting the puppy reaction. Be a bit bolder. Go with an intention of going for the kill. That doesn’t mean you clench your fist and gulp down some shots. Say to yourself you’re not gonna be a puppy, but a bold charmer.

8. Rate her out of 10:

When you’ve fallen for a hot girl, you give her a 10/10. Instead, observe her. Find faults with her, the way she might with you. women think way high of themselves. So when you’ve analyzed her and come to a conclusion that she is much lesser than her level, you have a better chance. But beware, this is only a mind hack to help you. Don’t take the girl up with the faults you found.
Ask a girl out after rating her
Mr.Bean! But why?

9. Do not give a damn about her:

As shocking as the statement might be, what it actually means is to be your true self. If you think you are nerdy, be the best nerd with her. Women look for strength in character. So being yourself and not giving a damn what she might think of you is the way to be. Remember the girls who fell for you? And you never gave a damn about them? Do you see the connection? Cool.

10.Think of her as an old friend:

As simple as it can be, you can think of her as somebody you know for a long time. This will override the approach anxiety you feel. In fact this tip help with almost anyone. From a new recruiter to a celebrity you meet on the plane, this powerful tip will cut approach anxiety within a snap.
Ask a woman out easily by thinking of her as an old friend
Well done, Alan.

11. Keep your options open:

It’s great that you want to be one of those Bollywood heroes and you want to go for that one woman. When you pin your hopes on one woman, she’s going to sense it and be difficult for you. You have to let her know that you are still a challenge for her. You will have a better chance of success if you go with the options open mentality. It also reduces your approach anxiety.

12. Dress up:

Girls do a lot to impress men. All those hours spent on makeup to attract the opposite sex. Imagine how she is going to feel when you walk up to her in an old t-shirt and ask her out. Dress up and be well groomed. You may not look good, but you must look your best.

13. Showcase your style:

Remember when I told you walking up to her is going to be like a commercial? So, when you dress up, make sure your style of dressing is congruent with who you are. If you are nerdy, put on the nerd cape. If you are a businessman, let’s put on something classy. They notice.

14. Smell good:

It actually pays to invest in good fragrances. It is a proven fact that smelling good boosts a man’s confidence. Thus men who smell good, look attractive to women. Even the Kamasutra, written in the ancient times insist you shower yourself with Axe.
Ask a girl out when you know you smell good.
Sure, haffun buddy!

15. When to talk to her:

The most miserable thing that can happen to you is her friend interrupting your convo. When you want to seduce a woman, you approach her when she’s alone. Or you separate her from her group. That’s when she is going to be vulnerable to your advances.

16. Go with a long discourse in mind:

Do not approach a woman with very little to say. It is common sense. Holding a long conversation with her gets her to like you. Tell yourself you’re going to talk to her for a long time, no matter what. You then have more chance at success.

17. Do not make it an extravaganza:

A lot of guys tell their friends about going to ask a girl out. And the guys are there standing and cheering for him while he asks her out. That puts a lot of pressure on you and the girl. That’s going to tank for sure. So don’t make it a special event.

18. Do not stalk:

Yes, it is vital you have to get to know a girl. But all you have to do is ask her about it. Do not go stalking her. That sends weird signals about you. You are already a creep to her!

19. Do not go with a love letter in hand:

A lot of guys mess this up. In spite of this being 2017, people are still stuck up with Bollywood films. Don’t come up with lame ‘I love you’ routines with a girl. You can imagine the whole pickup community laughing out loud when you do that. There is a more subtle way to doing things now.
Don't ask a girl out with a love letter

20. Stay the hell out of facebook:

Online dating does happen. But asking a girl out is better if you do it directly. You give the girl a lot of options to ignore you through chat.

21. Don’t wait too long to ask her:

An important tip is “Go and ask her out.Now.” Stop contemplating it. Waiting too long to ask her is going to give you unnecessary doubts.
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“Asking the woman out”

Stage 2: Asking the woman out.
My primary motive here is to explain tips on how to ask the woman out. Soon we will see tips on increasing your chance.

22. Talk to her about anything, but to know her:

Start talking to her about anything, but make sure you’re talking to get to know her better. She has to feel your interest. And soon you’ll be on your way to establishing a connection.
One of the most famous dating coaches, Niel Strauss always insists you start with three questions. One of them being “Other than your appearance, what are three qualities about you that you’re proud of?”
It’s a great way to start. You show your interest in her, but you also tell her that you’re more interested in her character.


23. Give her the spotlight:

Make her feel important to you. Say things to her that will show her that you’re there because you think she’s special. Do nothing that will come in its way. Don’t pick up calls, or check your phone. Or worst case stare at her friends.

24. Keep your eyes on hers:

Eye contact is sexy. Don’t let your eye contact linger. You don’t want to catch her ogling her. Moreover, humans have a positive impact with direct eye contact.
When you ask a girl out, look into her eyes.
Quick test: Stare into PC’s eyes and say 15 words.

25. Give her the crown:

Compliment her. Women love compliments. Make genuine compliments that don’t go overboard. The compliment could be about anything!

26. Your compliment separates you from the herd:

Make your compliment count. Let it be something nobody can copy paste. Be risky with the compliment you pay. Be bolder.
Don’t use beaten compliments like ‘You sound sweet’, ‘You look beautiful.’ Make an impact with bold compliments like “Your eyes look like out of a magazine.”
These are compliments she’ll remember for life. That’s the whole point of the compliment. It has to leave an impact.
My friend once walked up to a girl and said: “You look so amazing, that I can’t even control what I’m saying.” He added a sentence to a cliche to create an impact.

27. How to not come off as sleazy:

Ok taking such a risk shouldn’t come off without some amount of calculation. You need something to prove you’re not being sleazy. And that something is what you do after the compliment. You change the subject like a master of timing.You shouldn’t follow up your compliment unless she asks you to. Change the topic, introduce yourself to her.


28. Don’t beat abut the bush:

Do not beat around the bush with a woman. She will squash you like your a rat. Instead be direct and tell her you wanted to have a talk since you find her attractive.

29. Don’t mind the interaction:

Have you felt that when you have unplanned interactions with a woman, you do much better? That is because you didn’t mind the interaction then. You weren’t concerned about its outcome. So don’t you think it’s important that you don’t mind a planned interaction as well?

30. Converse interestingly:

Be interesting or go home. Know how to talk to her. Know what to talk to her. You can talk to her about anything, but make it interesting. You must know how to tell her anything and yet provoke her interest. Here’s a list of interesting topics for a conversation.

31. Take risks:

If you’re going to talk all along about how nice her hair is, she’s going to treat you like a nice guy.
You must start getting flirtatious. You must be bold enough to start using lines she wouldn’t have expected. Playful teases will make you own her.


32. Get cheeky, not cheesy:

Now when you’re flirting, don’t go about using cheesy lines. Use lines that are cheeky. You could ask her which place she is from, and say ‘Wow, I didn’t know Bengalis were this hot!” If she smiles, get cheeky. Say ‘But I now know they fall for such easy compliments.” That’s a cheeky way to make the girl want your approval.

33. Ask questions that connect:

Look at this internet-shattering article. 36 question can lead to complete strangers to love! Questions such as If you could wake up tomorrow and have gained one quality what would it be? can lead to love! The researcher herself found love by asking questions. Some of them are basic to establish a connection with any person.
So when you’re asking a girl about yourself try to establish a connection. Not interrogation.
To ask a girl out, start by asking questions that connect. 

34. Don’t make asking her out a big deal:

Making it a big deal is going to make you nervous. Come out casually about wanting to meet her. Forget what you’ve told yourself about the point of your conversation with her – That its motive is to ask her out. It should come off like a suggestion you’re making.

35. Change your perspective about ‘Asking her out’:

Think about it as extending an invitation rather than asking her out. That way if she rejects it she is only rejecting your invitation and not you. Make it suggestive but make it powerful.

36. Ask her at the best moment:

Precisely when do you ask her? Jad.T.Jones from has the answer. The best moment is when you know she is actually having fun. When you’ve built the conversation to the point where she is at the top of her spirits. That is when you ask her out.

37. Give her a reason to go on a date with you:

Don’t be abrupt in asking her out. Give her a reason to meet you or go out with you. Find commonalities and decide on an activity to do. Say, “You know what, I bet you’ve never seen the best of Chennai. Let’s go exploring one day.” You should have found out from your conversation that she is new to Chennai.

38. Follow the ‘Casual’ pattern:

Tell her “You know what? You are fun to be with. We should go out sometime. Let me have your number.” It’s called the casual pattern of asking a girl out. It’s suggestive, it’s bold, it shows dominance and it works. 

39. Be clear that you are asking her out:

If the girl ask you “Are you asking me out on a date?” Say ‘Yes!’. Don’t look doubtful. Make it clear to her that that is your intention.

40. Don’t jump at a date:

Don’t jump at a date saying your free any day of the week. Don’t ask her to decide. Think about a weekday perhaps. When you know she will be free. Show her that you value your time more than her.

41. Project a future:

Talk to her about how your day out together would be like. Don’t be intense by saying. “You know what we are going to have such a nice time.” Instead, say “You know what I can see you stopping everywhere to shop. Be playful and cheeky. Project a good experience if she has to say yes.
Ask a girl out after projecting a good future
If she has to say yes, project a good future experience

42. Let it be about the both of you:

Tripp from Tripp advice cannot stop himself from insisting this point. Don’t ask her “Can I go out with you.” Drop the I. Make it about the both of you. Make it ‘Let’s go out.” “Let’s meet up.” You want to know why? Because that way you aren’t asking for permission. You are making a suggestion.
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43. Step it up:

Kezia Noble explains a technique.It aims to project some drama for the girl if she says ‘yes’ to a date. Say “We are either going to love each other or hate each other after the date.” By saying this, you tell the woman that even you are judging her. It’s like you are inviting her so the both of you can check your compatibility.

44. Continue the convo:

As soon as you get her answer, don’t leave. Stay calm and keep the conversation going. You do not want to make her aware that this was all about asking her out. Keep to your intentions of getting closer to her.
A lot can go wrong
Read more to find out how to tackle them.

Now. There are many ways this can end. My intention in this part of the blog is to make you come out of that cocoon you’ve built for yourself. Your safe zone, beyond which you won’t go to ask a girl out. Because you fear any of the following might happen. So let’s find out how to tackle them. It’s going to leave you empowered.
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 Stage 3: Tackling the potholes.
What to do if the girl says no?

How to deal with rejection when you ask a girl out?


45. Take no for an answer

Did she say no? Don’t look awkward. Have the ‘It’s your loss’ attitude. Women watch very closely at how you take rejection. Do not cringe at that moment. Tell her this. “That’s too bad I thought you were fun loving.” Show her you’re disappointed with her, not at yourself.
What to do if a girl plays hard to get?

How to ask a girl out when she’s being mean?


46. Prepare yourself for a negative reaction:

Your prime fear could be that she will bite at you. Prepare yourself for that with strategies. This will bring down the approach anxiety. When you know how to face your fear, you feel empowered. So, you know what to do if she says ‘why should I talk to you?’ straight away.

47. Change your perspective about it:

Do not take it hard on you that she has shooed you. This will lead you to react back and we know how it ends. Think about it like when your kid sister has something vicious to say. How would you react? Do not make it a big deal that she has shut you out, even before you started.

48. Be aware of your motive:

Be aware that your intention is to make her talk to you. You want to get through that mean girl facade she just put across. You are not here for a battle of egos. Do not cross the lake you’re swimming in. Your intention is to ask a girl out.

49. Don’t be the girl:

Don’t shy out and be the girl here. Most women act mean to filter out the weaklings. According to Kezia Noble, a leading dating expert, this is a bitch shield. Usually, women of more maturity put up a bitch shield. So understand that she is posing a challenge for you and you need to get through it.

50. Break her pattern:

Say you approach her and this happens
Her: “why should I talk to you?”
You:”I got a new shirt and I wanted your opinion.”
Her: “why me?”
You: “Cause you look like the only person to give an honest opinion.”
You should break her pattern of trying to shoo you off by leading the conversation. Keep doing this to her and she will cozy up to you.
It’s a great thing because women with bitch shields are the best. I had a friend who had a thing for mean girls. He would say weird things to girls who say ‘why should I talk to you’ like “My nuts are aching.” It works all the time. Look at what Kezia has to say on this here.
Ask a mean girl out by breaking her pattern.
See how it works?

How to ask a shy girl out?

What to do if the girl is shy? Shy, introverts can be frustrating. They won’t have any solid response for you to work on. How do you ask her out?

51. Adopt her:

Ask her questions as though you’re looking to adopt her. Questions such as ‘Are you from North India?’, ‘Are you Bengali?’ and so on can help you. Even if it is a one-word answer, she has given you something solid to build a conversation on. “I heard Bengali women were masters of seduction?” You can tease her.

How to ask a bored woman out?

What to do if she is too tired or bored to answer you? If a woman has a thought in her head distracting her, she won’t have anything to say to you except ‘Hmm.’ What do you do?

52. Being her priority is the priority:

When you step out to chat up a girl and ask her out, you must be her priority. That is very vital. You cannot have her thinking about something else. Be careful and identify it quickly. You should be able to tell if she has other things on her mind within seconds of meeting her.

53. Counter distraction:

Counter distraction by asking her stuff that will make her come up with a question. The idea is to say things that will make her go “Why do you ask that? Why do you say that?”
You can say this to her: “I bet you were a naughty girl at school” she might come up with “yes, you are right.” Or she might ask you “why do you say that?” Say things that will snap her out of distraction.
Counter distraction to ask a bored girl out
Do you think this will work?

54. Make her snap out of it:

The worst thing that can happen to you is she is not at all responding. Not giving you anything to work with. She is just giving you that bleak smile, and occasional nod.
You might want to ask,”Why aren’t you talking to me?” Instead, tell her “You know what? you look tired..let me get you something to drink, we can talk later.”
According to dating experts, this works in such situations. The girl will reflect upon how you handled it later.
Is it possible to ask a complete stranger out? It is! Look at the amazing things these guys are able to pull off at Simple Pickup.

How to ask a girl out if she is a complete stranger?


55. Enthusiasm is the magic powder:

Enthusiasm lights up a situation. Don’t walk up to her with a boring face. Exude a feel good nature. Your feeling of enthusiasm, the joy of walking up to a woman you like will disarm her.
One of my friends had this routine where he will step in saying “Oh.My.God. Seeing someone with looks like you makes me feel like I’m in Venice.” It worked every time!


56. Pickup lines actually work:

Pickup lines do work. But you have to work with it to make it a success. Use pick-up lines based on the girl, on the situation, or the venue. So be it a stranger or someone you know, think of a creative pick-up line. It’s not something you pick out of the internet. It’s something you use as a conversation opener.
One of my friends actually walks up to a girl and says “Do you know the way to the men’s restroom?” Another one goes “I’m so excited to talk to the hottest girl in the club..” and then says “Can you tell me more about that girl standing in the corner?”
One of them sounded lame while the other sounded mean, right? But they both worked. Read on to find out why.

57. Go indirect but turn around:

You may use a pickup line to go direct. But at some point, you have to take a risk and turn things around by letting them know your true intentions.
The friend who asked for the way to the loo will immediately say “I was kidding, I find you sexy, and had to come up with that.” The other one would do a similar thing. He’d say “Never mind I was kidding you. I’m very excited to be talking to you.”

How to ask a girl out if she’s in your social circle?

Often times you would want to ask a girl out and she might belong to your social circle. She could be your friend’s friend or anyone for that matter. When you ask her out, you disrupt the dynamics of the group. So you have to do it with a knack.

58. Third party approach:

A third party approach is a good option if it is someone you meet in your social circle. A good tip is to find out from your host about the person you’re going to talk to. You can use that to introduce yourself and start a conversation. It will show her your interest in her in an uncontested manner.

What to do if she’s taken?

So you asked her out and she says she’s taken? It could be true, it could be false. Here’s what you do:

59. Invite her boyfriend:

Don’t act weird and shy away. Remember you are genuinely interested in her. Extend your invitation to her boyfriend. You are subtly telling her that you’re just interested in spending quality time with her. Nothing else. 

60. Turn bad news into good:

Her: “I have a boyfriend.” You: “That’s great, I have a goldfish.” That’s all it takes to show you’re alpha. That small witty presence of mind. All you have to do for this is to make sure you are aware of the fact that you are there only to talk to her and have fun. Do not go overboard by walking away if she shooes you.
Read more
Professional tips from the pickup community.

How to ask a girl out and succeed:

Pickup is an art. Seduction is mastery. Both these statements are false. Anyone can do it, if only they’d release themselves. Enlisted below are powerful tips. Read it, share it with your friends and become empowered. There are three things important when it comes to seducing or impressing a woman:
1. The conversation.
2. The person she perceives you to be.
3. The maintenance of psychological strength.
The conversation:

61. Prove that you’re listening:

Prove to her that you’re listening by coming up with counter interactive questions. Ask her things nobody would’ve asked her before on the subject. That shows you are really listening to her. It’s all about exhibiting behavior no one can copy paste.

62. Slow things down:

Do not go in and throw question after question. Don’t talk quickly almost as if you want to get over with it. Take things slow.

63. Don’t desire autopilot answers:

Do not use questions that will get you autopilot answers. You can start with one, but not carry on. The moment she answers you the first time. Keep building on that with questions that don’t have autopilot answers.
Examples of autopilot questions would be “What’s your name?” “Where are you from?” “Where do you live?” Ones she already knows the answer for because she’s been answering them all her life.

64. Don’t talk about commitment:

Never give her the idea or say it outright that you are looking to make her your partner for life. Don’t talk about marriage. Do not give her the idea that with you, it’s going to be Step A, Step B and then marriage if she says yes to you.
More cool How To’s:

65. Tell her a sad story:

It pays to have some stories up your sleeve. Girls love to hear sad stories. They are so attracted to drama. So come up with a sad story about how you lost a pet dog in an accident. How you had to survive a night alone in the jungle.How you almost got bitten by a lion. It goes on to make an impact with her. I can’t tell you how much you’ll enjoy this video of Mystry explaining this point.

66. Humor is your armor:

Make sure you have a lot of things to say in a funny way. Have some funny stories up your sleeve. When Cleopatra wanted to seduce Caesar, she made sure he was going to be laughing all the while with her.

67. Be receptive to things she says:

A lot of times you might find the conversation moving towards a different direction. Somewhere you don’t want to be. The idea is to make sure why she is doing that. Is there something she wishes to let you know about? Women have a subtle way of saying things, be receptive to it and improvise.

68. Do not brag or show off:

This goes without saying. Do not brag about your money making capabilities. Your confidence should do the talking. The kind of girl your Lamborghini will get doesn’t deserve an article like this.

69. Be careful what you tell about exes:

Do not speak ill of exes. Do not say past relationships were your mistakes. Blame it on the society, but for good. Imagine the girl is your new recruiter so you’d have to be careful what you say about your previous companies.

70. Listen to her about her exes:

Listen to what she has to say about her exes. An idea of her past relationships and what made them end can help you court her.

71. Do not invent excuses:

Do not lie. Women are great at lying and lie spotting. So if you create excuses for having approached her, make sure you cover it. Be direct and tell her that was an excuse.

72. Do not lie:

Do not try to play di Caprio from Catch Me If You Can. A woman will easily spot your lies about your profession. But there are chances that if you have that charisma, the girl will ignore it. I’d say let’s leave it to the naturals to lie their way through.

73. Talk about yourself, but package it:

The girl might ask you about what you do, don’t just tell her you’re a programmer. Package it in an interesting manner. Say it like this: “Do you use Facebook? I make sure you have good user experience on it as a programmer.”

74. Use descriptive language:

When you’re talking to her about yourself or your past, use evocative languages. Be more descriptive. Do whatever it takes to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Tell her “The food tastes like butter, cheese and everything nice.”


75. Don’t discuss controversial subjects:

Most guys do the mistake of hooking on to controversial subjects. It’s common sense that you don’t talk about religion, races, feminism etc. Check yourself if you do it by mistake.

76. Don’t be serious:

Be the same person you are with your friends. It’s not an examination. Be fun to be with. Being too serious breaks the connection. It’s very vital to your conversation.

77. A smile is your weapon:

A smile puts people at ease. Use it to make her feel comfortable with you.
Smile when you are to ask a girl out
Do you get the point?

78. Show her a comfort zone in you:

Show her that being with you is going to be a positive experience for her. Create an aura of comfort by having a relaxed and casual discourse.

79. Do not treat her like a sexual object:

Don’t go overboard talking about her physical appearance. Don’t just talk about her beauty like you’re a cat caller. You have a better chance talking about her behavior, character or interests.

80. Don’t make inappropriate advances:

Again thanks to Bollywood, guys think it’s a good thing to make contact with her body. She’s not going to fall for you if you make inappropriate advances. Worst case, she might get creeped out.

81. Don’t limit yourself to commonalities:

Searching for commonalities will restrict your flow. Most guys search for one thing they share with a girl to establish a connection. That leaves them hanging when they don’t find anything common. Find her passions, have your own passions and discuss them seperately.
The person she perceives you to be.

82. Show her what makes you happy:

A good idea is to show her you are happy doing something as it is. Prove to her that she is not the one who you are looking for to bring happiness into your life. Prove that you are happy already with or without her. That allures her.

83. Show her people desire you:

A good idea is to show that people desire to be with you. The best way to do this is, of course, being a desirable person. So be a person who likes to meet new people.

84. Show her why she needs you:

Getting a girl to like you or wooing her involves a certain amount of cunning. Assessing her and find out what it is she is looking for in life. Can you give that to her if she is with you? Then make sure she gets the point. The trick is to make it as suggestive as possible.
Does she want to travel? Tell her how you’re an avid traveler yourself.

85. Be her Santa:

Gifts always work. Find out what she likes. Buy her a gift, or do something for her that is going to make an impact. Don’t shower her with expensive ones. But have something thoughtful.

86. Make her long for you:

So you started talking to her, you asked her out and you’re done. Don’t get too excited and start talking to her every minute of the day over the phone. Make her long for you.

87. Make sure you paint a poetic picture of yourself in her:

Making sure you are something else other than the rest is very vital. Talk to her about your past, your beliefs, your ambitions for the future in a way she will fall prey for. You have to focus on leaving an impression in her that is almost fantasy.
Establish psychological dominance:

88. Show dominance:

Dominance attracts women. There is a way to show your dominance.
Have you wondered like the rest of the internet that tall boys attract more women? I believe it’s because they are able to show dominance with their physical demeanor.
This doesn’t mean you’d have to stoop up to a girl. Establish an attitude of dominance that is charismatic, not arrogant. You can go like “You act really mature for your age.” Use compliments a person elder to you might give. There is a reason girls get called baby. There is a reason why girls love nicknames.

89. Don’t play nice guy:

Don’t be the nice guy like the thousands of others she met. Stay grounded on your values and learn to make an impact. Don’t bend over. An example of this is guys who say they like something because the girls like it too. Have your unique side.
Do not play nice guy when you want to ask a girl out
How you look when you play nice guy.

90. Play this kind of nice guy:

Play this kind of nice guy: Help her in ways she wouldn’t have imagined you to. Surprise her with sacrifices. But make sure it counts.

91. Do not have a submissive body language:

Do not have submissive body languages. Putting your head down or nodding to whatever she is saying is submissive body language. It’s going to make her want to shoo you away as a nice guy. Do not do that.
Look bold or casual.

92. Be unapologetic about yourself:

Often, you might get hurled at by pots and pans. What if a girl calls you short after you ask her out? Ask her If she likes Jhonny Depp, Eminem or Tom cruise. If she says yes, then go “So you already like me huh? I’m an inch taller than Cruise!” Never be apologetic for who you are.

93. Be an animal when competition approaches.

Often times when you’re in the middle of a conversation, jackals might approach to spoil the game. Protect your territory like an animal. Give the jackal a good piece of you. But do it well. Because she is looking at how you react in such situations.

94. Be a challenge for her:

Women love guys who are a challenge for her. So make sure you let her know that you are only going to chat her up, get to know her and ask her out for a date. Do not have thoughts of serious relationships with her yet. Do not let her know you’ve fallen for her. Do not agree with her. Be her number one challenge.

95.Push and pull her:

Not physically, but mentally. In everything you do, have a push-pull attitude. Give her a compliment, but make sure you snap her out of it. Help her unconditionally, and don’t be there for her another time. Talk to her for hours together yet be too busy for her. Master the art of push and pull.

96.Tell her an “If only you were..”:

Tell her what might look better on her. Tell her how she would look more attractive wearing a tee. Tell her an “If only you were..” That way you convey to her that you like her, but she should do better to win you.

97. Sympathize for her:

Show her why she needs you by sympathizing for her. “It’s too bad you’ve not traveled a lot. I cannot feel sorry enough for you.” If she’s someone who misses traveling a lot, and you’re a regular traveler you just got her hooked on to you. But be careful how you do it. Don’t lett it sting her.


98. Talk to as many strangers as possible:

Talk to as many strangers as possible. The girl at the supermarket, at the gym or your neighbor. Keep on track with your charming self. Nobody can bring you down, but the person inside you. Talk to more girls, it’s fun.

99. Build your reputation:

Get known as somebody who can talk to girls early on in life. Otherwise, you are going to find it difficult. It’s not something bad. break out of the taboo effect. It’s somewhat the need of the hour.
Ask the girl you want out.
Get the love life you deserve.


So we come to end of this article. We’ve seen an extensive list of what to do to ask a girl out and succeed. To summarize, all 99 tips enlisted focus on the following points. Points which every guy who’s had success with women will tell you. These are fundamentals that dating coaches are making money out of.And they are:

  • Realizing the fact that anyone can ask
  • Improving your self confidence
  • Realizing that courting is a fun ordeal
  • Becoming a man of strength.
Go ahead and gain success with women. Share the article with friends who might be in need of it. Do let me know if you liked it. If you did, then follow us on Facebook. Let us know about your adventures, have fun.
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